Background info on me (Tyson Koch)

I have been painting since about 1995. I have won a few golden demons back in the day when GW still had Games Days on the west coast.

-Here is a list of the armies that I currently own. If you don't see pictures of them here that means that unfortunately they aren't painted yet, or I have yet to take pictures of them (If the army is 100% done).

  • Warmachine Cryx Army 300ish points
  • Warmachine Menoth Army 300ish points
  • Warmachine Merchenaries 150ish points
  • Hordes Troolbloods 300ish points All painted!
  • Malifaux Neverborn battle groups
  • 6,000+ point Warhammer Skaven Army (100% done)
  • 5,000 Point Warhammer Undead/Vampire Counts Army (100%)
  • 4,000+ Point Warhammer 40k Blood Angle Army (65%)
  • 3,000 Point Warhammer 40k Tyranid Army (95%)
  • 3,500+ point Battle Fleet Gothic Eldar Fleet (100%)
  • 4,000+ Point Battle Fleet Gothic Imperial Fleet (100%)
  • 2,000 Point Battle Fleet Gothic Tyranid Fleet (100%)
  • Large size Clan War Phoenix Army (5%)
  • Medium size Clan War Shadow Lands Army (0%)
  • Small size Clan War Naga Army (0%)