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Super dungeon explore custom boards


In the evenings when I am not painting I have been working on some custom Super Dungeon Explore boards. I have two that are assembled and I am starting to paint them and two more that are in progress. I ran out of plaster so I am waiting on some more before I can finish up the boards I started and make some more.

Super dungeon Explore Board


Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas. And hope it is full of miniatures and toys!!!!


The explosion that is my painting desk!

Here is a quick pic of the explosion that is my painting desk. For some reason I can never keep all those paints in their rack. They keep escaping!


Work in progress Grey Knights

Grey Knight army that is in progress. Just a teaser :)


Painted Super Dungeon Explore!

I completed painting my Super Dungeon Explore this week and had a chance to play it Friday with 5 friends and it was a ton of fun. I maybe would not recommend playing with 6 people your first game as it will take quite a while to finish that first game when no one knows how to play! Anyways, we made our way through and by the end everyone had figured out what things did and started stacking combos. Playing brought back memories of dungeon craw video games of yesteryear.

We played with the normal board tiles that come with it. I took the pictures though with the Descent board tiles that I have made. I think I will be making a custom board that looks like the tiles for this too :)

If you have a chance or know anyone that has Super Dungeon Explore I would recommend giving it a whirl.

You can see pics of the board and mini's HERE.


Super Dungeon Explore!

Played some Super Dungeon Explore last night at game night. Fist time playing and there were six of us, so the game took a little while. But, it was a TON of fun and worth taking the time to put together.



Master craftsman award in No Quarter mag 39

In this months No Quarter they posted the results from the Gen Con Waramchine Hardcore Tournament 2011 where I got Master Craftsman (Best Painted).  The tournament was a blast and I had a ton of great games. Think I got 25 games in over the Weekend. Hopefully I will be able to attend Lock and Load in Washington this year too! (2012)



Finished up Khador Gun Carriage

This was a lot of fun to paint and I will enjoy seeing it on the table as it was for a friend so I will get to play against it. :)


Finished up new bases for sale

Here are some new bases I have for sale. You can see them over in the for sale section shortly


New Warmachine bases 120mm

Here is a preview of one of the new bases that I will have up for sale soon. The 120mm gear base is pictured here but I will have a full range of 50mm, 40mm and 30mm for Warmachine and any other games that use the rounded edge bases.