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Kickstarter Update


The final boards are almost completed. The columns in these pictures are just temporary as the final ones are being constructed and will have much more detail and weathering. I am finishing up the treasure piles, wall sconces, and other small details for the boards, and will have pictures of the completed boards up soon. I just wanted to share these.

As you can see the walls, floor and "lava" have much more detail and texture than the prototype boards. These will be impressive indeed once painted!


Kickstarter update.


Spent most of the weekend casting lots of floor tiles and working on the larger stone walls.
The flat board is all glued down. Once it is dry I will add texture to the gaps between the tiles then it is ready to make a master!

Here are more pictures of the pile o' parts: large walls and floor cobbles for the raised areas. The walls will still be getting additional details, such as moss, mushrooms, and the like.


Kickstarter Sculpting update.

The floor tiles and wall bricks are all sculpted! The walls and floors are in a mold right now that takes a day to cure. Once those are out, I will start casting up parts for the final boards, and I'll put up more pictures.

There is also some talk of doing a Kingdom Death Board. Not sure yet if it will be official or just compatible. So we also have that to possibly look forward to!

Thank you to everyone that has backed this project or is thinking about it.

Have a great weekend!



More Blue Mercenaries

Some more blue Warmachine Mercenaries to round out the group!


Finished Space Wolf Scouts

Some finished Space Wolf Scouts.


Custom Warhammer Spartan Warriors

Converted up some Spartan Wariors for a Warhammer army. They were quite a bit of fun to make! 

You can see more pics at the end of the Warhammer Galleries.


Some more Warmachine :)

Some more Warmachine all finiahed up.


Kickstarter Painting

I did some painting for a kickstarterv for Comfy Chair Games. Some very cool figures!


Over $4k in under 24 hours!

Well my Kickstarter for the Super 3D dungeon boards is moving along nicely :)
I have over $4k in funding in under 24 hours. So check it out, join the fun and tell your friends!
It is a great way to support your friendly neiborhood painter!



Kickstarter for Super 3D Dungeon Boards is now live!

My Kickstarter for Super 3D Dungeon Boards just went up! They are compatible with Super Dungeon Explore or any other minis/RPG game that uses dungeons.

Check it out and lend me your support if you can to make this dream come true!


As this project moves along I will have updates here too.