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More pictures of Denali National Park.

We are having a great time out hiking and seeing all the animals. We are get close to the end of the trip and it is going WAY to fast.

Here are some more pictures of the trip.


More pictures from Denali National Park in Alaska

We are having a great time in Denali. It is already half over and going WAY to fast.


Time for some canoeing up in Alaska!


Out of town!

I just wanted to let everyone know i will be out of town till Sept. 4th for vacation. I will be up in Alaska but should have Internet access most of the time. If you get anything out of the store I will ship it as soon as i get back.


Working a little bit on my Mountain King

I am trying to work in some textures into the rocks on the Mountain King. Hopefully I will dig up enough time to get him done in the next few weeks so I can play with him!


Clash for a Cure

Clash for a Cure who donates proceeds to the American Cancer Society is putting on a weekend of gaming next month. I have painted up one of the new Ashlynn models and a matching Vanguard for their raffle.

I also sent over a bunch of resin base sets to be given away. 

If you happen to be going I hope you have a great time!


Finished up a Menoth Vessel of Judgment

Finished up another Vessel of Judgment! You can see more pictures of it here.


Trollbloods Mountain King!!

So a friend of mine who went to Lock & Load this year picked up a Mountain King for me. I have been working on him slowly as a reward as I finish off other stuff. 

Anyways here he is in progress. 



Cygnar Stormwall and Storm pods

I finished up one of the Warmachine Colossals. The Stormwall is quite a cool model to have stomping around the board. To bad I don't have a Cygnar army that could "borrow" it for a while until it has be to sent off :)

You can see all the pics at the end of the Warmahordes section.




Pics of my Troll Armies

Have a bunch of pictures to post of projects that I have been finishing up. But for now I thought I would sare some pics I took recently of my Trollbloods army for Hordes. I also posted up a bunch more pics of my army in the Trollbloods section too.