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Making the Las Vegas Open Grymkin themed finals table

Here is a step by step tutorial of the build for the Grymkin themed finials table at Las Vegas Open 2018.

I still have more pictures to add. But this should tide you over for now.



Making the Las Vegas Open Finals Cephalyx table.


How to make water/wave bases for your miniatures

Here is a tutorial on how to make water/wave bases for your minis. If you have any questions always feel free to ask!


Added a tutorial for making icicles and snow on miniatures.

Here is a tutorial on making snow and icicles for miniatures to be played with.




Tutorial on creating Lit Haley 3 ghosts

I finally got a tutorial put together for the glowing/lit Haley 3 ghosts!



Finished light up Haley3 and Denegra3.

Finished up a cool conversion in making the Ghosts for Haley3 clear and glowing!

You can see all the pictures at the end of the gallery here. http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/other-warmahordes/?currentPage=8

Also a Denegra3



Guild Ball Mortician's Guild

Finished up a Mortician's Guild and some cool Goals for them.



Las Vegas Open Warmachine Recap


First off I want to thank everyone that came to this year's Las Vegas Open and made it such an amazing event. Without you guys it would never be so great. Also a huge thanks to all my Judges, PG's and helpers that made everything run smoothly and helped me keep my sanity over the weekend. 

For anyone interested in pictures and the like head over to the Facebook page. LVO Warmachine

There was an amazing turn out this year and FAT matts as far as the eye can see. 

Over the weekend we recorded a bunch of games and RFP Pressganged the Frontline Gaming streaming rig into the service of the Dragon Father. 

(Yes this is 40k, but it is what the stream set up looks like)

You can view the streamed games at http://www.twitch.tv/frontlinegaming_tv/profile

The RFP grudge matches are here starting at 10:46:00 http://www.twitch.tv/frontlinegaming_tv/v/41395284

The interview with William Hungerford starts at 0:18:00 http://www.twitch.tv/frontlinegaming_tv/v/40990032

And the IG matches that were streamed shortly later in the VOD at 1:05:00

Big thanks to Charles (Omnus), Emanuel Class and anyone else that helped for casting the games. But I know you did it just to play with the streaming toys!

The rest of the matches were captured by our friends at Frontier Gaming. Please visit their channel for streams of the games. They are being edited and posted. 

Here are the results from the various tournaments over the weekend. 


Iron Guantlet
1st Place, Charles Soong -Skorne
2nd Place, Julien Lesage -Trollbloods
3rd Place, Peter Lipphardt -Convergence of Cyriss 

Team Tournament
1st Place, Team "You can't ban awesome"

  • Tony Faber, Retribution
  • Jordan Nach, Mercs
  • James Preusser, Cryx

2nd Place,  Team "That's Complicated"

  • Chandler Torres, Circle
  • Jaden Iwaasa, Cygnar
  • Mark Gerow, Menoth


3rd Place, Team "Fontier Gaming"

  • Scott Koss, Cygnar
  • Jaerrett, Khador
  • Matt Zelus, Cryx



Masters Qualifier:

Qualified people going into Sunday Masters.

Ryan Chiriboga (dallas) Cryx 4 (10.0)(14)(144)
Sam Cameron (KGC) Trollbloods 4 (10.0)(5)(100)
Tom Guan (sydney) Cygnar 4 (9.0)(4)(133)
Bret Fogel (Handconnon) Trollbloods 4 (8.0)(5)(186)
Nicholas Freeman Mercenaries 4 (7.0)(12)(154)
Ben Ripple Legion of Everblight 4 (7.0)(12)(154)
Brian Marino Legion of Everblight 4 (6.0)(5)(150)
Jeff Everitt Retribution of Scyrah 3 (12.0)(14)(172)
Mike Puryer Protectorate of Menoth 3 (11.0)(12)(148)
Jordan Nach Mercenaries 3 (11.0)(9)(107)
Jeff Mullin (Game Empire) Cryx 3 (11.0)(7)(134)
Dan Yount Circle Orboros 3 (10.0)(14)(112)
Charles Soong Trollbloods 3 (10.0)(7)(145)
Scott Kohley Khador 3 (10.0)(5)(93)
Jay Larsen Retribution of Scyrah 3 (9.0)(12)(162)
Joe P. (Hobby Town) Khador 3 (9.0)(0)(124)


Manual Carreon Skorne 3 (8.0)(14)(137)
Trenton Bates (AAG) Khador 3 (8.0)(10)(150)
Adam Bernstein Protectorate of Menoth 3 (8.0)(5)(129)

Spell Draft:

1st Place, Juan Alvarado -Khador
2nd Place, Scott Chandler -Khador
3rd Place, Todd -Retribution 


Masters Finals:

You can see lists here https://www.facebook.com/LVOWM/posts/877766539008230

1st Place, Jeff Everitt -Retribution WMW invitation & $500 Travel Voucher to WMW
2nd Place, Bret Fogel -Trolls
3rd Place, Jordan Nach -Mercenaries

Congrats to all our winner over the weekend, including the piles of raffle loot! Hopefully everyone had a good time and we will see you again. LVO is just going to get bigger and better! I have already started planning.


Convergence of Cyriss themed table.

I posted up the tutorial of making the LVO finals CoC themed table. Enjoy!

You can see it in the tutorials section HERE


Out of town for Las Vegas Open!

I will be out of town till Feb 8th. I may be able to answer emails periodically while gone. Anything from the store will be going out once I get back.

I hope to see some of you at LVO!