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Cryx Army for sale!

I have a Cryx army that I have not played with for years and it is time to sell it. 
You can see pictures of it at https://www.facebook.com/tyson.koch.52/media_set?set=a.553965038034587.1073741834.100002632861498&type=1¬if_t=like 
And http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/my-warmachine-cryx/ 
Payment would be via Paypal (you cover fees if any) or money order. Cash is fine if I drop it off to you. 
I will ship for free in the US, signature required. International buyers will pay all shipping costs and signature required. 

Asking $1600 

Total retail of miniatures at 30% off $620 
Commision painting price $2000 

If you live in LA I can deliver it at Game Empire Passadena, or I will be at Kingdom Con. 

Payment Via Check (has to clear first), money order or paypal (you cover the fees if any) 

If you have any questions feel free to ask too. 


Goreshade2 (unpainted) 
Asphuxious2 (unpainted) 


1 Slayer 
1 Defiler 
2 Nighwetch 
2 Deathrippers 
1 Leviathan 
1 Seether 
2 Stalkers 
1 Reaper (unpainted) 
1 Harrower (unpainted) 


10 Bane Knights 
14 Bane Thralls 
-Bane Thrall UA (needs card) 
10 Mechanithralls 
1 Brutethrall 
1 Stictchthrall Unit 
The withershadow Combine 
10 Blackbanes ghost raiders 


2 Necrotechs 
10 scrapthralls 
2 Bloatthralls 
1 Machine wraith 
2 pistol wraith 
2 Skarlock (one converted) 
1 Warwitch Siren (partially painted) 

5 40mm wreck markers 
3 50mm wrech markers 
2010 card deck 
Old token set 
3 army transport foam trays 
Anything else I might find around 


Pictures from Las Vegas Open

I had a great time meeting everyone that was able to come. Here are a few pictures from this weekend.



Convergance of Cyriss

I finished up part of the Convergance of Cyriss that I picked up at Lock and Load this year. It is headed to ebay to help pay for the trip :(

If anyone is interested let me know. I will be posting it up to ebay later tonight or tomorrow.

You you see the pictures starting at the end of page 2  http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/other-warmahordes/?currentPage=2


More Blue Mercenaries

Some more blue Warmachine Mercenaries to round out the group!


Playing with a manual spin program.

I started messing around with an app that will make spins of items. I am not sure about the rez, but it sure beats stiching picures together!


Lighted Menoth Vessel of Judgement Battle Engine tutorial

I finially got together the tutorial for how I made my lighted Vessel of Judgement. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any about it. Enjoy!


Colossals Release event with two Mountain Kings

I recently ran the Privateer Press Colossals Release Event for my local players. One of our players had a Mountain King too. So we played a 5 player, 35 point, battle group only free for all. My battle group consisted of eDoomy and two Mountain Kings. Between the ton of health they have, the ability regen quite a bit with the whelps and eDoomies spells it was a quite nasty battle group.

I really enjoyed playing with them both and it was fun watching peoples faces when I put them down. The only problem I really had was keeping eDoomy protected since I just had the two Gargantuans to try and keep stuff from getting to him.


Back to painting!

I finished up my Mountain King for my Trollbloods army. You can see more pics of it here at the end of the gallery.

And here is a 360 of it too.


Working a little bit on my Mountain King

I am trying to work in some textures into the rocks on the Mountain King. Hopefully I will dig up enough time to get him done in the next few weeks so I can play with him!


Clash for a Cure

Clash for a Cure who donates proceeds to the American Cancer Society is putting on a weekend of gaming next month. I have painted up one of the new Ashlynn models and a matching Vanguard for their raffle.

I also sent over a bunch of resin base sets to be given away. 

If you happen to be going I hope you have a great time!